GT 900 Model

It is possible by Hydroponic techniques to achieve better than normal farm production, immune to natural weather variations, as well as organic and more nutritive, in just about 5%of the space & 5% of the irrigation water. NASA is reported to be working on this subject to meet fresh green food needs in space.

Model Name Production Capacity Size
GT-900 800 to 900 Kg fodder per day Approx 30ft x 10ft x 10ft

Comparison with Conventional Method Fodder

Particulars Conventional method Greentech systems Savings on
Area 1 Hectares yield round the year Approx 30ft x 10ft x 10ft land
Water requirement Appt. 60-80 lts / kg fodder Appt. 2-3 lts / kg Water savings
Nutritional value 9-10% protein / kg 13-14% protein / kg maize seed Better nutrients
Fertilisers, weedicides, fungicide etc Required Not required Saving on fertilisers
Fodder yield dependency On climate rain, water, etc In controlled environment -
Utilisation by animals Partial complete Reduction in waste
Labour requirement More Only 2-3 hrs / day Saving
Fencing and Protection Required Not Required -

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