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About Greentech

Global warming and climate change are the two most challenging threats against today’s scientist and technocrats. Many countries have been affected by water shortages, drought and adverse climatic conditions, to mitigate the requirement of feed and fodder for the living organism on earth it is now high time to discover or invent the technologies for production of quality feed and fodder with minimum input cost. With keeping above mentioned problems in mind we have designed “Greentech Organic hydroponics system” A fodder Maize grass production unit, with unique features for reduce fodder production cost as compare to conventional fodder production techniques.


Water scarcity, decreasing availability of the fossil fuel, reduced agricultural land, labor scarcity, uncertain monsoon etc. ,these shortcomings have greatly hindered agricultural development in many rural areas. This greenhouse, which works on the principal of hydroponics technology, can meet a developing country' sever-growing demand for fresh animal fodder. At the same time this greenhouse can actually reduce demand on present water and electricity requirements. In the countries with limited land, the housing needs for growing population and industrialization in urban areas at the cost of agricultural land. To compensate the loss of agricultural area in term of biomass production one has to design a technology for answer the above aroused questions. We did it by designing and manufacturing hydroponic green house systems for livestock holders and farmers engaged in animal husbandry. Our determination is to disseminate this technology to urban and rural areas where they can harness its benefits and advantag es by its maximum adoption.