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Our Product

Where to use?
Cattle, Buffalo, Sheep, Goat, Farms, Poultry farms, Rabbit farms, Horse farms and breeding stations, Dairy framers other livestock owners can dfficiently use portable hydroponics green house. Apart from this can also be efficiently use for fresh lush green wheat grass production for wheatgrass juice extract which is havin huge demand as ayurvedic medicines and therapy.

Greentech Organic Hydroponics System fulfills following objectives:

  • To ensure sustainable green fodder round the year for dairy animals
  • Quality green fodder production with minimum land and water.
  • Economically viable green dodder production with controlled environment.
  • To evaluate various fodder seeds for production of hydroponics green fodder in Gujarat State.
  • To implement advanced technology in the field of Hydroponics
  • To support the land less milk producer.
  • To minimize feed cost for milk production

Our Models