Production Capacity: 800-900 kg per day


Particulars Conventional method Greentech systems Savings on
Area 1 Hectare yield round the year 25ft x 10ft x 10ft. approx. land
Water requirement Appt. 60-80 lts /kg fodder Appt. 2-3 lts / kg Water saving
Nutritional value 9-10 % protein / kg 13-14% protein/ kg maize seed Better nutrients
Fertilisers , weedicides,fungicide etc Required Not Required Saving on fertilisers
Fodder yield dependency On climate rain , water, etc In controlled environment. -
Utilisation by animals Partial Complete Reduction in waste
Labour requirement More Only 2-3 hrs / day Saving on labour
Fencing and Protection Required Not Required -

Greentech Organic Hydroponics Systems Manufactures are actively involved in the dynamic way of organic hydroponics green fodder production.

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